Published On: Thu, Jan 3rd, 2013

Nintendo 3DS Emulator 1.1.2 Bios File Free Download No Need To Fill Survey


You Are Come Here Because After Open You Nintendo 3DS Emulator X Its Look Like Just Like In Image And Say’s That Need A Bios File To Run Or Fix This Nintendo 3DS Emulator X So You Can Download Bios File From This Site But Listen I Don’t Know Any Thing About This Bios File Or How To Put And Fix This Bios File In Emulator The Owner Of This Software Is Available On Click Here ………… So You Can Go Origenal Site Of This Emulator X And Learn More About This Emulator.

Want To Remove This Error Msj Watch Video By Click Here……………

Enter your name and email address to download Bios File

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Click Here To Free Download 3DS Emulator X


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  • lucas

    wrong video put the right video idiot

  • abc

    it cannot work on my computer :(

  • qira

    file error!!! plz reupload it

  • Kallen Kouzaki

    Well lucus you’ve proven your ignorance… Watch the video before bitching if you follow the steps shown in it you’ll find that it’s universal to all 3 emulators released by this group. Though i still question their validity as the “3ds emulator” never worked and the “ps3″ one was a rehash of pcps2.


    fuck you…..!!!!!!!!!!!!


    you put bios ps2 in the rar………

  • vie vanter

    TNX friend ,, !

  • af

    haha hey look on his writing if you can download then

    you cant’ fix it either

  • cartoon

    thank you

  • fer


  • mike

    COOL it woks yeah!!! thanks

    • Cristhian

      can somebody send me the bios files for the 3ds plis?

    • Tamara

      How did you made it work? I still get the error after the bios :(

    • Extremmefan

      WTF?! It does not work with the BIOS and Windows 7, how the hell could you get it to work.

  • sanket

    hey tell me how to put bios and map in emulator with screenshots or only explaine

  • grrr

    there is just an ad where the download link is :S

  • danilo

    lol i have the bios :D

  • pesho

    What is the password for the bios?!?! it says ” the same as mediafire ” something , please hurry !!!! TY IN ADVANCE

  • Wallace

    there’s a survey for the bios, could you put a direct link for the bios?

  • Wallace

    please someone send me the bios ->

  • fabio

    no 3ds do wats

  • Nintendo


  • delyn

    what is the password for bios ?

  • fuck off

    fuck this shit…it’s fake again survey cunt

  • zak.p

    se nao for para fazer direito não faça

  • Blueauan

    what is the password for the bios, can somebody give the password?

  • gebok

    err, can someone send me the bios?

  • Dan

    what is the password for bios ? please, i need it…

  • ????

    ???? ???? ??????? ….???? ??????? ?
    ???? ?? ???? ?????

  • ????

    ????? ???? ???? ??????? the bios is missing or corrupt

  • dorpon

    i have the bios but can’t locet

  • guen

    plz………………can u send me a bios?

  • hdplay11

    send email ;)

  • hdplay11

    can anybody send me a email with the bios

  • john

    fake and fuck u asshole!

  • elquilbrium

    hey idol can u email me too a 3ds bios please ^_^V

  • elquilbrium

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  • disqus_zSL2ZzfNuD

    Too? hell with Bios… Download working emulator which includes rom here : tinyurl . com /kuclowl

  • disqus_zSL2ZzfNuD

    Too? hell with Bios… Download working 3DS emulator which includes rom here :
    Fake Emulator poster.

  • disqus_zSL2ZzfNuD

    oo? hell with Bios… Download working 3DS emulator which includes rom here :
    Fake Emulator poster.

  • Josh

    please send me the link to download the BIOS file

  • craztt

    email me the bios file please to

  • abdellatif

    please help i download 3ds and i havend net framework v4.0.3019

  • idiot admin

    fake please

  • louiseprout

    Can somebody send me the BIOS please ? Everytime they want me to fill a survey (I did that once, a long time ago, and each month my internet box made me pay 5€ because of this).
    Please ? My email adress is
    Or at least send me a link where I don’t have to fill a survey

    Thanks !

  • maria

    plz send me bios file plz plz

  • Jhopher Roldan

    the BIOS is already there in the bottom of DOWNLOAD

  • SoBreezzyy

    yea no survey
    HOWEVER there IS a password and of course when you go to the password link there IS a SURVEY LIE

  • iyat

    please i need the BIOS i search everywhere please send to this email ok please

  • I need a freaking bios file that is real and isn’t corrupted or a load of bull

  • Davis Gutierrez Alvarez

    fake!! can’t detect anything this is a lame of page!!

  • Kyle

    it’s work ..
    thanks .. :D

    now i can play Rune Factory 4 .. *Excited *Happy
    hontou ni arigatou gozaimashita !! (^^,)
    yahhoooo .. xD

    • Jonathan

      Can you tell me how to install the bios?, I am getting an error windows.

    • Cuong

      how to put the bios files. help me

  • Jaykay

    I have the bios, the emulator doesn’t seem to work though. It might be a fake.

  • SOU


  • Sam

    Please send me the bios.

  • xaibots

    this is a fake anyone that say that it is not is full of shit

  • Mei

    does anyone know HOW to use the BIOS? It says to put the bios in the same place as the emulator,but it still says its missing or corrupt.

  • Gazi Shahi

    Phony. if there’s anyone u can trust it’s me. i’ve been trying to get these emulators to work and they do, but then after they detect the BIOS they ask for u to fill a survey to activate ur emulator and usually none of the offers work.

  • Blukutuk


  • Tamara

    I still get the error, even after I watched and did everything in the vid. It goes to my opera browser and still says that the bios is missing or corrupted (though I do have it now, placed good) Some help?

  • acer5

    can somebody give me the password for the 3ds bios please

  • YoshiGamingTR

    dude this bios thing is have survey pls e mail me I am a Turk but I needed it please
    my e-mail:

  • Shawn Calliente

    its fake, even you have those bios,the 3ds emulator won’t work. wanna know why.. once you those bios (90 mb) the emulator will ask you to activate the emulator which leads to a survey that won’t work even you have accomplish some questions ,, nothing works i already try it… I’ve been looking for 2 days for this emulator cause I want to play pokemon x too… bad no working or free emulator is available i have the rom but i don’t have the emulator

  • #teamflareswag

    why are the bios not working it does not work
    is says that it is mising or corupt

  • #teamflareswag

    ps #teamflareswag

  • Juvanel Valenteros

    pls send me the BIOS pls here at my email

  • pauloverkill

    Man,what do u get if u put a survey in this? u get nothing…man it’s a fuckin’ game not a tresure!

  • umair

    please email the bios on
    with the password of bios

  • yu

    send me the bios please,

  • One Random Otaku

    The problem is not the bios its the piece of shit survey

  • Dylan Charrier

    can u email me the bios for 3ds plis email

  • vincewat

    fake you can download free. when you put the bios in emulator folder en start up it ask to activate. i try with email account i din’t use anymore. but it never unlocks because its totally fake.

  • Adam Shah Lokman

    where to place the bios

  • hnk

    how do u evn activate d emu..?
    can ny1 pass me the working emulator?
    if u do i’ll send u working 3ds roms of any games(links or skydrive) pls…. :/

  • yukiokeitaro

    SON OF A BLEEP BLOP, can someone help me figure out how to input the bio’s i could only figure it out ps2 emulators XP

  • yukiokeitaro
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  • ur emulator is a piece of junk

    you suck! its fake

  • frank

    this one does NOT work! but after an hour of searching i found a working one:

    had to take a 2 minutes survey but at least it works and i can play my pokemons

  • marta

    this one does NOT work! but after an hour of searching i found a working one:

    had to take a 2 minutes survey but at least it works and i can play my pokemons

  • Utba Aziz

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  • Juan White

    Download Nintendo 3DS Emulator 2014 working here

  • azmo

    fake with survey and password, no download , fake file with nickrolling

  • Ellis

    Dudes someone email me the emulator PLS

    Bios Site:

    (thats the official site for bios)

  • ThatGuy

    there aint something like an 3DS emulator. i’ve looked for one that last year, and i havent found any. but somehow a while ago, i managed to get my hands on the bios. BUT even when you have installed the bios, it says that the emulator aint activated.

  • Death

    Bios, survey, passwords!? I know none of this. How is it i have remained so blind – or does your tongue only spit lies.

  • Death

    Where… is… the bios?


  • Junior Patrick Fernandes

    please send me bios to thanks

  • mohamed

    each I get a survey it wont work when will it work

  • Asim Siddiqui

    The Bios version is 1.74.. works great.. thanks!

  • shubham banyal

    can anyone send me the bios file at this email plssssssss

  • sujan

    this bios cant be dected by 3dsx

  • GbAbOoTuP
  • Renuo Thore

    i hav the bios u can give da 3ds emu

  • Andrew


  • CORE_Pride

    send me the bios too danilo
    email me